Hydroponic basil and kale

At my internship at Cornell university, I was able to bring home kale and basil that we harvested. It was grown hydroponically and using the method aquaponics. Hydroponics is the use of soil and a medium to grow a plant. Aquaponics is a type of hydroponics that utilizes fish’s poop as nitrite/nitrate to supply the hydroponics nutrients partly.

City Island Lobster House

Apparently in the Bronx there is an island and you guessed it, it is city Island. And it is super nice the neighborhood is home to golf.

I went to the super famous City Island Lobster House and apparently the Kims have been there. I am referring to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

I have to say the food wasn’t bad but the salad and bread was really nice. My mom ordered lobster but I didn’t take a bite at all. I can’t really say if it is good or not. I ordered sea bass and it was bit lean for my taste.

But I have to say the portions were huge and the prices were like 30 and apparently it was 1 person thing. I don’t recommend going back for anything but the bread and the salad.

Chinese Scallion Buns

This recipe is a recipe I tried from yellywelly.com who got it from Pan-Asian Kitchen.

The original recipe was to make Chinese hot dog buns, but I went to the supermarket and realized that hot dogs wasn’t good stuff. So I just used scallions and it turned out really well

For the rising of the dough I used the method of boiling water in a saucepan and covering the dough with a dry towel. And putting both in the oven so the temperature could get warmer because in NYC it is a bit cold.

I would recommend to make this recipe, the bread looks a bit darker. It was because my baking sheet is a bit hot. Next time I will use my pizza pan with holes for convection and not as dark rolls.

Chocolate Ganache Pie

I made a ganache pie because it was Mother’s Day and I was it on the YouTube channel binging with babish. I omitted a lot of calories but not using the base binging with babish suggested. And I totally killed the recipe using organic and premium ingredients. I love trader joe one pound chocolate.