Chinese Scallion Buns

This recipe is a recipe I tried from who got it from Pan-Asian Kitchen.

The original recipe was to make Chinese hot dog buns, but I went to the supermarket and realized that hot dogs wasn’t good stuff. So I just used scallions and it turned out really well

For the rising of the dough I used the method of boiling water in a saucepan and covering the dough with a dry towel. And putting both in the oven so the temperature could get warmer because in NYC it is a bit cold.

I would recommend to make this recipe, the bread looks a bit darker. It was because my baking sheet is a bit hot. Next time I will use my pizza pan with holes for convection and not as dark rolls.

Chocolate Ganache Pie

I made a ganache pie because it was Mother’s Day and I was it on the YouTube channel binging with babish. I omitted a lot of calories but not using the base binging with babish suggested. And I totally killed the recipe using organic and premium ingredients. I love trader joe one pound chocolate.

Trader Joe Cheese Rave

This creamy Toscano cheese with black pepper is amazing, I got it from trader joe. My best friend and I went grocery shopping because we were baking bread that day.

And she told me that her friend brought it and gave it a taste. And my best friend had to find out where it came from.

Trader joe has great selections of cheese, one of my ultimate favorites is the 5 years old Gouda. I love that stuff on pasta, it has tiny crystals that are so yummy. Try it one day this Toscano cheese.